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Mikhail Mishustin met with the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

09.01.2021 79 просмотров

Mikhail Mishustin congratulated Sergei Katyrin on the New Year and noted that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, headed by Katyrin for many years, is a reliable partner of the state and the Government. 

Separately, he thanked the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for their joint work during the pandemic, including in the national plan for economic recovery. 

Sergey Katyrin, in turn, expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister for cooperation with the system of chambers of commerce and industry during the pandemic.

“It was not an easy situation, but the Government took measures rather quickly. In order to explain how they will be implemented, how the implementation will take place on the ground, we asked many members of the Government to participate in our direct lines and dialogues with business, and we never received a refusal. I would especially note the speed of decision-making, - said the president of the CCI. – (…) We believe that it would be possible, based on our experience, on our system of 180 chambers, to organize a personnel barometer so that the training of professional personnel meets the wishes and needs of small and medium-sized businesses.”

Mikhail Mishustin thanked Sergey Katyrin for his proposals - in particular, on staffing. 

“We are discussing this in sufficient detail, including within the framework of the EAEU, the EDB – Eurasian Development Bank is also working and over the respective digital platforms. All these proposals are undoubtedly valuable, and let's see how we can work together on this,” concluded the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation.


Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) is an international financial organization designed to promote the economic growth of its member states, the expansion of trade and economic ties between them and the development of integration processes in the Eurasian space through investment activities.

< i> The Bank was founded on the basis of an interstate agreement signed on January 12, 2006 by authorized representatives of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The initiative to create the Bank belongs to the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan.

In 2009, the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Tajikistan, in 2010 - the Republic of Belarus, and in 2011 - the Kyrgyz Republic became full members of the Bank.

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