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The largest international-level data center in the Far East was launched in Primorye

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The first major client of the new data center was Vimpelcom.

The resident of the Nadezhdinskaya TOR in Primorye has put into commercial operation the first and only commercial data processing center (DPC) of international level in the Far East and Eastern Siberia, the press service of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation reported.

"Today, the first international-level commercial data processing center has been opened in Primorsky Krai, not only in the Far Eastern Federal District, but also in Eastern Siberia. Hundreds of leading enterprises of the real sector of the region's economy, medium and small businesses, as well as state-owned companies will be able to use the services of Key Point. We are glad that the status of a resident of the TOP Nadezhdinskaya helped the company to implement the project and will affect the improvement of the quality of communication services, Internet, digital services not only for the Far East, but also for business. Among the measures of state support are the provision of land plots for rent at a preferential rental rate, the connection of necessary resources, tax benefits, a free customs zone for the import of high-tech equipment and others," said Nikolay Zapryagaev, Director General of the KRDV, at the opening ceremony of the data center, quoted by the press service.

The Key Point data processing center with a capacity of 880 IT racks and a capacity of 10 MW, certified by the Uptime Institute for Tier III reliability, is implemented using modular technology in two queues. The first involves the construction of two technological modules with a total capacity of 440 racks with an average energy consumption of 5 kW. The cost of the project exceeds 1.5 billion rubles.

"The development of information infrastructure creates a reserve for the early introduction of fundamentally new and promising technologies and services in the Far East, such as 5G communication networks, artificial intelligence, unmanned vehicles. The launch of a data center in Primorsky Krai will increase the level of accessibility and sustainability of digital services, and will also contribute to improving the investment attractiveness of the macroregion. It is worth noting that the implementation of the project became possible thanks to the well-coordinated and teamwork of Key Point, the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia and development institutions represented by VEB.The Russian Federation and the Development Corporation of the Far East and the Arctic," said the Deputy Chairman of VEB.Russian Federation Artem Dovlatov, whose words were quoted by the press service.

Development plans The first major client of the new data center was Vimpelcom.

It is expected that by the end of the first quarter of 2023, the first stage of the data center will be contracted by 90%. The traffic exchange node between telecom operators, organized in the operator-independent data center Key Point, will allow, on the one hand, to remove a whole block of issues that are now arising from customers of corporate operator data centers, and on the other hand, to provide the possibility of operational switching of channels of local and international operators among themselves.

In the first quarter of 2024, it is planned to put into operation the second stage of the data center - two more technological modules with a total capacity of 440 racks. In total, by the time the project is completed, the region will receive 880 commercial racks that meet international standards for ensuring stable operation of computing systems of any generation. The customers of the new data center will be telecom operators, Internet service providers, IT and service companies, government, medical and educational institutions, enterprises of the fuel and energy complex, as well as industrial, tourist, transport and logistics companies.

In the second quarter of this year, it is planned to begin construction of a data processing center in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

According to the Primorye KRDV, 95 residents are implementing projects at the Nadezhdinskaya TOP. Business has actually invested more than 23.8 billion rubles in the economy of the region, 2.2 thousand jobs have been created. With the use of state support measures, 16 residents have already launched their production and provide services. They produce building materials, equipment, and food products. They are also logistics companies, starting with the transshipment of helium containers and ending with the distribution and processing of smaller cargoes.

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