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Canon will build a factory in the east of Japan

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Canon will open a factory for the production of equipment for the production of semiconductors.

By 2025, the Japanese technology company Canon plans to create an enterprise for the production of lithographic equipment used for the production of semiconductors. This was reported by the Nikkei newspaper on Wednesday.

According to her, the construction of the plant may begin in 2023 in Tochigi Prefecture in eastern Japan, Canon is ready to allocate about 50 billion yen (about $ 348 million) for its creation. At the same time, the company intends to start developing new equipment, the use of which will reduce the cost of lithography by 40%.

As, in turn, the newspaper "Iomiuri" reports, one of the manifestations of the current shortage of semiconductors in Japan has become a problem with the installation of high-tech traffic lights at busy intersections in several parts of the country. To coordinate their work, road controllers are required, the functioning of which is ensured by semiconductors. In this regard, the shortage of microchips hinders the implementation of measures to more effectively prevent accidents on Japanese roads, emphasizes Iomiuri.

Currently, global manufacturers of automobiles and electronics are experiencing a shortage of semiconductors. It is connected primarily with the pandemic, as well as with the fire that occurred in 2021 at the factory of the Japanese company Renesas Electronics (Renesas Electronics), which accounts for 17% of the global chip market.

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