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Chinese cars entered the top of the best passenger cars of the year

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A presentation of a large-scale study "Car Ratings of the Year in Russia" took place in Moscow. The list of the best cars includes Chinese, Japanese and Korean models.

The rating was based on a survey on the website of the National Award "Car of the Year in Russia". The study involved 28975 residents of our country. They passed 12 surveys about the novelties of the Russian car market, used cars and Chinese-made cars.

"What is really happening now in the minds and souls of the country's motorists at the time of such serious changes – this was our main task at the end of the last, very difficult, but extremely interesting from a research point of view, 2022! After all, the data of the study "Car of the Year Ratings" are a kind of beacon, the light of which gives us an understanding of the most important trends in the car market," said Vladimir Bezukladnikov, head of the National Award "Car of the Year in Russia".

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Among the novelties, the Audi E-tron was named the most modern car, the KIA Carnival crossover became the best family option, and the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado became the most reliable car.

The leader in the used car market is the domestic Lada Granta, in second and third place – Hyundai Solaris and Volkswagen Polo.

The organizers of the study paid special attention to the Chinese automotive industry: over the past year, cars from China have gained high recognition and their popularity in the market has increased significantly. However, as the organizing committee clarifies, "Chinese cars, with the growth of their popularity, still remain an imperfectly understood phenomenon for Russian consumers."

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The results of the study showed that the Russian consumer is best acquainted with the brands Chery, Geely, Haval, Lifan, Great Wall, FAW, Exeed, Brilliance, Changan and JAC.

The Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max and Chery Tiggo 7 Pro models took 1st and 3rd places in the "Best Family Car" survey. 2nd place went to the GAC GN8 model. Respondents especially noted the capacity of the luggage compartment in this car.

"Chery considers the Russian market as strategic. We do not just declare customer orientation, we implement this approach in our daily activities. Every time we start the process of designing a new car, filling it with certain options and characteristics, we first of all focus on the desires and requests that come from our customers," said Vladimir Shmakov, General Director of CHERI AUTOMOBILES RUS JSC.

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Among SUVs from China, the best, according to Russians, is the Haval H9. This flagship model of the Haval brand has been presented on the Russian market since 2015, and since the fall of 2019 it has been produced at a factory near Tula.

Among the multipurpose cars, Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max and Chery Tiggo 7 Pro are again in the leaders, and among the most technologically advanced is the Changan UNI-K model, which consumers especially noted for its modern design and innovative technologies.

According to the authors of the study, the surprise was the Omoda C5 model, which took 9th place in the list of the best technological Chinese cars, although sales of cars of this brand began only at the end of November last year. "Thus, we see how rapidly this brand is advancing in Russian consumer preferences," the organizers emphasize.

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"I am very glad that in the difficult conditions of the withdrawal of Western automakers from the Russian market, China was able to really help our friends and partners by promptly ensuring the replacement of "runaway brands." Some analysts suggest that about a hundred brands of Chinese cars will be presented on the Russian market by the end of 2023. These will be cars, as they say in Russia, "for every taste and color," which will be able to meet the needs of all categories of citizens of your country," said Wang Bin, head of the Eurasian Bureau of the Media Corporation of China, who spoke at the presentation of the "Rating of cars of the Year in Russia."

The Chinese car industry remains an unexplored topic for many Russian consumers, which can be revealed by the "Chinese Auto Club" – a new project of the TV channel "Big Asia", which will soon appear on our air.

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"I would like to say a special thank you to Vladimir Nikolaevich Bezukladnikov (head of the National Award "Car of the Year in Russia" - editor's note), who took the initiative to form the "Chinese Auto Club". In fact, this is a very good idea, I think that our colleagues from the Greater Asia TV Channel, who, together with the Chinese Media Corporation, produce and broadcast the Chinese Panorama program on a daily basis, will respond to this initiative, and we will soon be able to see a new program dedicated not only to the development of China's automotive industry, but also all those related areas that affect the appearance of a modern machine," said Wang Bin, head of the Eurasian Bureau of the Media Corporation of China.

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Alexander Lebedev, General Director of the Greater Asia TV channel, addressing the participants of the event, drew attention to the fact that the way to business lies through knowledge. "And it's not just about the economy. The world is changing rapidly, the Asian vector is becoming the dominant trend in politics, culture, and production, so we all need to work on forming new relationships based on trust and mutual understanding. The buyer of the car must be loyal to the manufacturing country, he must be confident in the car, its reliability, which means that today the car has become a real tool of people's diplomacy," Alexander Lebedev stressed. He urged the heads of dealer networks to pay more attention to the promotion of positive content about China, as well as subscribe to the telegram channel "Chinese Panorama", which publishes versatile, relevant and reliable information about the People's Republic of China every day.

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