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Kazakhstan will have more toll roads

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Their total length will exceed 11 thousand km.

In Kazakhstan, it is planned to expand the network of toll roads. This was reported by Kazinform with reference to Askhat Okasov, head of the Toll Roads Directorate.
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Drivers will be fined in Kazakhstan
for exceeding the average speed

“In the next 2-3 years, we plan to expand the network of toll road sections by another 32 sections with a total length of 11,000 km. Competitive procedures are currently being carried out,” the agency quoted him as saying.

Currently, there are four toll sections on highways with a total length of 682 km in the republic. These are sections Nur-Sultan-Shchuchinsk (211 km), Nur-Sultan-Temirtau (134 km), Almaty-Kapshagay (42 km) and Almaty-Khorgos (295 km).

As A. Okasov said, payment for travel on these sections is carried out using an automated toll collection system (ATS). The passages are recorded by the equipment on the control arches, payment is made at the toll collection points at the exit from the sections. 

The fares are set by the authorized state body for each section separately. They depend on the type of vehicle and depending on the carrying capacity. At the same time, the sections themselves are also divided into zones, and payment is charged for each zone separately. 

At the same time, there is the possibility of pre-payment for travel. In this case, the tariff rate is two times less than when paying in cash. Moreover, as A. Okkasov said, 20 prepayment methods are available for users through Internet services, electronic terminals and wallets, mobile applications, etc.

As A. Okkasov emphasized, the main goal of introducing toll roads is to reduce burden on the republican budget. “Those roads that have become toll roads no longer require funds from the budget, but are completely self-sufficient. The maintenance of paid sections is carried out at the expense of the collected funds,” he explained.

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