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Kazakh producers go to Shanghai

05.11.2021 182 просмотров

Kazakh manufacturers are ready to surprise visitors of the China International Import Expo (CIIE). 

27 companies from this country will take part in EXPO in Shanghai. Despite the fact that most of them will be presented online, potential partners from China will have the opportunity to personally get acquainted with their products.

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Mareven Food Tien Shan is one of the companies participating in China Exhibition of Imported Goods. The company's plant produces more than 65 types of various products - soft drinks, pasta, instant food and much more. The scale is impressive. Product samples have already been sent to Shanghai to attract the attention of potential partners from China.

This plant exports up to 70% of its production. It is implemented in all countries of Central Asia, Russia and Afghanistan. Up to 40 thousand tons of a wide range of goods are produced here annually. The company hopes to enter the Chinese market as well.

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"We have a very wide assortment, where the Chinese consumer can find something acceptable and tasty for himself. Because Chinese tastes, you know, they love very spicy, and there is so much pan-Asian taste there that now they have a need for European tastes. We can give them this,” said Miras Kilybaev, acting. head of the department of "Mareven Food Tien Shan" LLP.

Kazakhstan's largest enterprise for the production of edible salt also aims at the Chinese market. It has been producing this product for almost a hundred years. According to company representatives, their salt is environmentally friendly and, most importantly, iodized. Therefore, they are confident that they will be able to appeal to Chinese buyers.

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"The Chinese market and the Chinese authorities are very zealous about their own market. They always check the products that go to China very seriously. Our products have passed all the tests, passed all the necessary certification, which the Chinese market pays a lot of attention to," said Evgeny Korol, Sales Director of Araltuz JSC.

At the international import EXPO in Shanghai, Kazakhstan will be represented on 27 companies. Most are in an online format, such conditions are dictated by the pandemic. Only their products will be present at the EXPO, and special representatives will conduct negotiations on their behalf. For 4 years of the exhibition, the amount of agreements concluded here between China and Kazakhstan has crossed the mark of half a billion dollars.

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by 84, then this year the estimated number of contracts to be concluded exceeds $100 million. Of course, for Kazakhstan, this is a great opportunity to realize its potential in the field of organic and biologically pure food production, which will help increase both our production and sales in China" , - said Nuraly Bukeikhanov, Deputy General Director of QazTrade Trade Policy Development Center JSC.

In addition to food products, Kazakhstan will also offer its own digital solutions. You can see them by visiting the China Exhibition of Imported Goods. It will be held in the Chinese city of Shanghai from 5 to 10 November.

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