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Japanese rail superexpress trains allow telecommuting

29.08.2021 95 просмотров

Shinkansen super express rail operators in Japan are creating a more convenient environment for those passengers who work remotely while traveling. 

These actions are being taken as more people choose to work flexible hours amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting in October, JR Tokai and JR West will provide one car on the Nozomi Super Express for passengers operating in remote mode.

These express trains connect major Japanese cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. Many business people use them.
Free Wi-Fi time limits will be lifted in some carriages, and wireless signals will be encrypted for security.

Other extras include a padded PC stand and a personal partition,
Operators on other shinkansen routes are also testing similar services.

They hope to bring back business travelers as the coronavirus pandemic has led to an overall decline in shinkansen users.

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