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Japan's battery production is on the rise

21.04.2022 78 просмотров

In Japan, they intend to increase the production of batteries by 20 times by 2030.

The Japanese government intends to create conditions for increasing the production of batteries by 20 times by 2030 compared to 2020 levels. It is expected to enable the production of such devices with a total capacity of 600 gigawatts per year, Yomiuri reported on Thursday.

Batteries of various types are expected to be increasingly used in electric vehicles and energy storage systems obtained from from environmentally friendly renewable sources. To increase their production, the Japanese government intends to create a system of state subsidies designed to encourage private business to invest in this production. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry intends to develop a specific program to achieve this goal by the summer.

In 2015, Japanese companies accounted for approximately 40% of the global production of car batteries. However, by 2020 this share has decreased to 21% due to the advance of competitors from China and South Korea.

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