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Israelis got the right to go to work

07.05.2020 96 просмотров

Markets and retail shops have resumed their normal operations here.

In Israel, as the total number of new infections with the deadly COVID-19 virus declined, numerous shops, markets and small shops have reopened to the delight of merchants.

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"There are no more bazaars as vast as our Mahane Yehuda all over the world," says Rivka Amedi, a customer at the Jerusalem City Market. "I never gave up and continued to go here even when it was actually closed. And I will continue to go here to the grave!"

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> Not only in Jerusalem, but throughout the country, retail restrictions are almost lifted. Israelis also now have the right to visit each other and travel throughout the country. 

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"We are just happy! - exclaims Iyaron Zidkiyyahu, a gourmet vendor from Mahahine Yehuda. - We did it! We have achieved discoveries by collective efforts, and we will survive, no matter what! And there will definitely be difficulties, believe me! But we are full of optimism and are confident that we will slowly restore trade during the epidemic, and there, you see, we will fully revive after it ends" .

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