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Iran is building a floating solar power plant

16.05.2018 317 просмотров

On Monday, May 16, construction began on a new energy facility with a capacity of seven megawatts per year in the city of Zehak, Sistan-Baluchistan province.

Investments in the project, fully developed by Iranian engineers, will amount to about $10.1 million. maintaining the water level in the reservoir, which, with a capacity of about 700 million cubic meters of water, annually loses about 355 million cubic meters due to evaporation. 

The Zehak power plant is the second such project being implemented in the Islamic Republic. In April 2018, the construction of a floating solar power plant began in Isfahan province. The station with a capacity of 1 MW will be built in the water area of an industrial reservoir. 

Over the past few years, the country has been actively developing the field of alternative energy. Since 2012, Iran has adopted a program to invest in the construction of wind and solar power plants. 

Foreign investors see great prospects for the development of "green" energy in this region. In July 2016, Iran signed a contract with Italian and Swiss investors to build the largest solar power plant in the country. Investments in the project will amount to $40 million, and the capacity of the power facility will be 30 MW per year.

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