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Tehran and Baghdad are discussing increasing imports of Iranian gas.

The Iranian side is discussing with Iraq an increase in gas supplies to the Arab country. This was stated on Saturday by the official representative of the Ministry of Energy of IraqAhmad Al-Abadi.

"After paying the debt to Iran, the volume of gas imports reached 45 million cubic meters [per day], but we need 50-55 million cubic meters," Tasnim agency quoted him as saying. The representative of the ministry added that "Iraq is negotiating with the Iranian side to increase gas imports for use in power plants."

At the moment, Iraq is heavily dependent on the supply of electricity from Iran (1,200 MW per day) and gas fuel for its power plants. At the same time, Washington has prevented Baghdad from paying its debts to Tehran in recent years. According to the Ministry of Electric Power of Iraq, the debt of the Iraqi side to Iran for the export of electricity and gas amounted to about $ 3 billion. June 16 Iranian Oil MinisterJavad Oudji said that Baghdad had paid $1.6 billion to Tehran to repay the debt for gas supplies.

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