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Iran gradually emerges from lockdown

20.04.2020 95 просмотров

In Iran, in the capital Tehran, despite the COVID-19 epidemic that has not yet ended, numerous small shops are reopening.

People are leaving the regime of self-isolation and are taking on those things that they did not have time to complete before the start of the epidemic; and those who lost their jobs during the period of forced inactivity are now forced to look for a new job. Small businesses and the institution of the self-employed suffered the most from quarantine. Thus, the income of Iranian taxi drivers fell by more than 60%.

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"Before the epidemic, I waited for a new passenger for no more than a quarter of an hour," recalls a taxi driver named Sadik. "And now you can stand empty for 2 hours! It is very difficult to work under new conditions!"

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Some business wholesalers have tried to organize their sales via the Internet, according to the network principle, but things have not gone smoothly since the pandemic, as the lost supply chains have yet to be revived or new ones have yet to be created.  ;

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Despite the general decline in income and difficult situation that many citizens find themselves in, they nevertheless express their full support en masse for measures aimed at curbing the epidemic. There are 80,868 coronavirus cases in Iran as of April 19.

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