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Iran buys lamb in Karachay-Cherkessia

06.12.2018 178 просмотров

The parties plan to increase the volume of deliveries.

The Kavkaz-Myaso company, one of the oldest enterprises of the agro-industrial complex of the KChR, will supply 500 tons of lamb to Iran next year. The conclusion of the corresponding contract was reported in the Republican Ministry of Agriculture.

Kazakhstan started supplies  ;
meat to China
According to the ministry, for the first time a contract for the supply of 500 tons of mutton to Iran was signed a year ago as part of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Iran and the North Caucasus: history and prospects for cooperation." From the Iranian side, the Ilokavat group of companies is a partner.

“This year, a second contract was signed for the supply of the same volume of products in 2019. It is planned to conclude contracts until 2024,” the statement says.

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