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Indonesia boosts exports to South Asia

25.03.2019 131 просмотров

Priority countries are such countries as Pakistan, Bangladesh, India.

Indonesia has reportedly already shipped 15 buses manufactured by PT INKA and 14 vehicles manufactured by CV Laksana to Bangladesh, Regnum news agency reported.

Indonesia can get
Su-35 already this year
about 90 wagons,” said Ferdy Piai, head of the South and Central Asia Department of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is noted that the trade balance between Bangladesh and Indonesia showed a positive balance in 2018 and amounted to $1.79 billion. in trade with India reached $8.7 billion, and with Pakistan - $1.8 billion.

Jakarta is also currently working on a new preferential trade agreement with Dhaka, which is scheduled to be concluded in 2020.

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