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Indonesia asked to lift coal export ban

11.01.2022 120 просмотров

The Philippines urged Indonesia to resume coal exports.

The Philippine authorities called on Indonesia to lift the ban on the export of coal from the republic. This was announced on Monday by the Philippine Ministry of Energy with a link to a letter from its head Alfonso Cusi to his Indonesian counterpart Arifin Tarif.

According to Koussi, the ban on coal exports will “negatively affect the economies that currently rely on coal-fired power plants, in in particular  Philippines".

Last year, the Philippines received 2.3 million tons of Indonesian coal every month. At the same time, about 60% of the country's needs are met by electricity generated at coal-fired power plants.

On December 31, 2021, Indonesia imposed a ban on coal exports during January of this year in order to prevent an energy crisis in the republic. Earlier, the authorities of South Korea and Japan also called on Indonesia to resume coal exports.

According to Reuters, the ban has led to coal to rise in China and Australia. In addition, it caused a congestion of transport ships off the coast of Indonesia. They were supposed to deliver coal to the countries of East and South Asia.

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