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Indian businessman wears a golden mask

04.07.2020 117 просмотров

An Indian entrepreneur spent about $4,000 on a gold mask for Covid-19.

Based in the city of Pune in Western India, businessman Shankar Kurhade said the mask weighed 60 grams and took 8 days to be made by local jewelers. People who saw him wearing a gold mask at a local market were shocked.

"It's a thin mask with tiny pores that help me breathe. I'm not very sure about its effectiveness, so I'm taking other preventive measures." , said the 49-year-old man. He admits that the idea came to him after the media published information about a man wearing a silver mask.  

According to Shankar Kurhade, when he goes out into the street wearing his mask, passers-by ask to selfie with him.

The Indian government ordered the mandatory wearing of masks when more than 651,000 infected were registered in the country and almost 19,000 people died. 

Today, the situation with the incidence is again becoming more serious in the western part of the country and in the south, where heavy rains came due to the monsoons.

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