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India begins partial lifting of lockdown

13.05.2020 45 просмотров

After a 7-week quarantine that forced about one billion three hundred million people to stay at home, India is gradually returning to a normal work schedule.

Rail transport has also partially resumed.

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> "Railway ride is amazing!" says Aamir, a happy passenger from Gurugram. "Of course, there are always surprises. sunshine, but that's nothing compared to being able to go home."

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Trains again depart from New Delhi to Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru, as well as 9 other locations in the country. Under normal operating conditions, India's railways carry up to 20 million people a day. 

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Before the rolling stock is delivered, it is thoroughly disinfected.

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"We used to deal with the problem of migrants using the rail network. Now we are organizing as follows: our squads arrive an hour and a half before the train leaves. We must take the temperature of all passengers and make sure that social distance is observed between them."

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India is among the countries moderately affected by the coronavirus. So, during the entire period of the epidemic, a little more than 2 thousand people died from a dangerous infection.

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