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In the Far Eastern Federal District, they launch the assembly of their own agricultural machinery for the sowing campaign

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We have already launched the production of tractor loaders and plan to start assembling rotary mowers and Belarus tractors.

The regions of the Far Eastern Federal District (FEFD), on the eve of the start of spring field work, are updating agricultural equipment, mainly purchasing Russian or Belarusian-made machines. Against the backdrop of sanctions in the Far Eastern Federal District, they are creating their own production of equipment, opening a dealer center for the sale of cars from Belarus, the regional authorities told TASS. in Buryatia, launched the production of tractor loaders in 2022 and plans to open the assembly of other equipment.

“Company <…> has been producing tractor loaders since 2022. In the future, the enterprise plans to start assembling rotary mowers, and in the future - SKD assembly of Belarus tractors. The production works on Russian raw materials and can provide Buryat farmers with agricultural equipment. The products of Traktor 03 LLC are also in demand in the neighboring Zabaikalsky Krai and the Irkutsk Region,” the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Buryatia reported. renewal of agricultural machinery. In 2021 alone, agricultural producers of the republic purchased more than 200 units of tractors, combines and agricultural machines. Basically, the farmers of Buryatia use equipment of Russian and Belarusian production. Since the beginning of 2022, farmers in Buryatia have bought 83 units of various types of equipment.

Farmers in Primorye also use Belarusian equipment. Aleksey Starichkov, Head of the Primorsky Territory International Cooperation Agency, said that last year, agricultural producers bought 68 tractors of various models, 17 combines, 26 units of trailed machinery and equipment. “In order to increase the volume of sales of Belarusian-made harvesters, work is underway to create a site in the Primorsky Territory for re-equipping harvesting equipment with caterpillar tracks. Given the soil and climatic conditions of the region with its monsoon climate, there is a need for caterpillar combines that are not produced in the Republic of Belarus,” said Aleksey Starichkov.

Now Vladivostok is constantly working exhibition of equipment of the Minsk Automobile and Minsk Tractor Plants, and in the near future it is planned to expand its exposition. In addition, work is underway in Primorye to create a single center for the demonstration, sale and maintenance of Belarusian equipment.

Expensive spare parts

In the Amur region, according to the Minister of Agriculture Oleg Turkov, 90% of agricultural machinery is of domestic production. It is being prepared for spring field work. In 2022, farmers plan to purchase 130 tractors, 140 combine harvesters, and other agricultural machinery and equipment. To date, 28 tractors and nine grain harvesters have been purchased.

At the same time, the Jewish Autonomous Region has seen an increase in prices for spare parts for machinery. So, the press service of the government of the region reported that agricultural producers of one of the municipalities complained about the rise in the price of spare parts for machinery four times. The head of the region Rostislav Goldstein recommended paying special attention to the cost of components for agricultural equipment. Supervisory authorities will check and give a legal assessment of the actions of entrepreneurs.

Preparations for the sowing campaign are also underway in Kamchatka, where potatoes, open-field vegetables, and fodder crops will traditionally be planted. “There are no reasons for the food shortage of agricultural products, commodity producers are preparing for the sowing campaign in 2022. This year, the projected sown area in farms of all categories will be about 19.5 thousand hectares, which is slightly more than in the past,” said the Minister of Agriculture of the region Vyacheslav Chernysh, specifying that contracts were signed in advance for the purchase of fertilizers, farms are fully provided with seed potatoes. Livestock enterprises also do not reduce the level of production of milk, eggs and meat.

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