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In Seoul, fish market visitors are offered a new service

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In Korea, the administration of the country's largest seafood wholesale market, Noryangjin, has found a way to reopen despite strict measures taken by the authorities to curb the epidemic of the novel SARS virus.

Now all sales of fish and other seafood are carried out directly from the wheels - on the principle of ordering food in a car catering.

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"My husband told me that there would probably be a lot of people here on the opening day - people would go to the market en masse," says the customer Park Hyung-joo - But I managed to get everything I wanted and almost didn't have to wait."

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Kim Il Tai - Don't have to push. Everything is very good!"

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In order to attract buyers, fishmongers not only serve them directly in their cars, but also offer very significant discounts . This approach is explained by the need for accelerated sales - seafood is a perishable commodity. And the Koreans are happy with the opportunity to prepare a traditional dish of this country, as well as for Japan, the national dish of sashimi from various varieties of fish.

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new coronavirus cases have fallen to a low of less than 100 new patients admitted to hospitals per day. 

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