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In Moscow, they decided to fight epidemiological stress with the help of alcohol

20.03.2020 49 просмотров

One of the Moscow bars treats fear of the SARS virus with high degrees of a signature cocktail. And the new drink is called “Coronavirus”.

“The idea to create a cocktail came to our mind as recently as the coronavirus,” says Anton Zagaria, manager of the Razvedka bar. “We decided, like all catering establishments, to reduce the general degree of tension in connection with this rising panic, which for us the worst "friend"!

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The cocktail is served in syringes submerged in a glass of broken ice. Clients appreciated the unusual initiative that helps people overcome their fear with the help of alcohol and ridicule that causes persistent severe stress in society .

The description of the drink on the menu reads: "During clinical trials, not a single waiter was injured. Cases of infection - zero. ...It is recommended to use in cases of a panic attack, when the wild desire to buy buckwheat and toilet paper is irresistible" .

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catering should be separated from each other by at least one meter.

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