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In Israel, people return to work

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In Israel, quarantine is gradually ending and economic activity is resuming.

In Israel, according to a government decision, in connection with the improvement of the epidemiological situation, from April 25, permission was given to open small establishments in the non-food sector, such as hairdressers or retail haberdashery and clothing.

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"We spent a month and a half in quarantine, and now we are systematically entering the work process and we are very happy with it,” says Shai Amzaleg, a hairdresser. “We make sure to check the temperature of customers, make them disinfect their hands. In our salon, customers are not allowed to talk on the phone."

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A prerequisite for a work permit is free entry to the marketplace from the street, not from the mall. The Israeli authorities believe that this minimizes the threat to customers and does not create a closed atmosphere conducive to the spread of coronavirus.

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Schools remain closed for the time being, however, as Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said, it is possible that educational institutions will reopen their doors in early May. In general, the decision of the authorities meets with understanding in society, but the street vendors that form the shopping malls in the central market of Jerusalem, Mahane Yehuda, were dissatisfied and even tried to protest. They cite their difficult financial situation and ask for urgent permission to resume their activities.

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In total, in Israel, as of April 27, 15,398 people have been infected during the entire period of the spread of coronavirus, 199 have died. About a hundred people are being treated with connection to devices lung ventilation. The government of the country considers it necessary to revise its health policy by purchasing additional medical equipment and increasing the number of beds in hospitals.

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