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In India, the population is rebuilding the economy and fighting COVID-19

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In India, the economy is slowly recovering despite the ongoing epidemic.

India is slowly rebuilding its economy, which has been hit by multiple waves of COVID-19. India is forced to adhere to a strict quarantine, as in terms of the number of infected people - more than 3 million people - it ranks third in the world. Fortunately, only a very small proportion of those who fell ill died, so for the most part we are talking about a mild form of the disease. 

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"Unless we develop a vaccine urgently, the number of infections will continue to rise," said Subhash Sahgal , New Delhi resident - In order to curb the epidemic, in the state of Maharashtra, which is considered one of the most affected by the pandemic, the authorities have urged people over the age of fifty not to try to carry the disease at home, but to be hospitalized at the first sign.
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< br> At the same time, despite temporary epidemiological restrictions, Indians still find an opportunity to continue doing business. Small artisans and small businesses are resuming their work. 

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As for larger companies, three-quarters of them have not reached even half of the income they declared on the eve of the epidemic. 

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