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In India, residents began to make protective masks from bread, baking them in the oven

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In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, in the city of Madurai, local bakers have been inspired by the theme of protective masks and now bake cakes, shaping them into this protective equipment of mankind.

“These baked goods are very much in demand among children,” said Puvalingam, a restaurant manager in Madurai. “We believe that in this way we are participating in the campaign against coronavirus, reminding people to wear masks. It’s no secret that many do not agree with this measure".

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Local flat bread is fried in melted butter. In southern India, such a puff unleavened cake is called parota or paratha. They come without filling, but they can also turn into pies, reminiscent of Ossetian ones. Within a few days, mask-shaped parot cakes became so popular that they are even ordered through an online service on the Internet.

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The state of Tamil Nadu shares the first place in India in terms of the number of infected with New Delhi and Maharashtra. 60% of COVID-19 cases have been reported in these three regions.

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