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In Bangladesh, people and horses are waiting for the end of the epidemic

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In Bangladesh, horse-drawn cart owners are having a hard time coping with the coronavirus epidemic, but they are not despairing.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, horse-drawn carriage owners in Bangladesh are having a hard time. There are no customers at all, and the odd-toed ungulates need to be fed every day.

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"After the start of quarantine, any movement of horse-drawn vehicles around the city is prohibited. That is why we are laid up and can only pray to the Almighty to remove this misfortune from us as soon as possible," said Ali Ashgar, the owner of the team and the driver." "There is no work! Previously, we not only drove riders, but we were also hired for weddings, well, or to act in films. Now everything has stopped! This disaster would rather end - after all, we and our horses need to work in order to something!"

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Until 1950, horse-drawn vehicles were the main mode of transport in Dhaka. Today there are no more than 80 such crews left. It is usually a family business that has been passed down from generation to generation. 

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"My uncle has his own team and I take care of his horses," says 13-year-old Mohammad Rifaat. so I gather grass and feed the horses. We don't have anything else for them yet"…

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Unfortunately, the drivers and their horses do not use any government support, surviving at their own peril and risk. However, people do not despair - after all, they are used to being content with little, and the epidemic will end sooner or later, and customers will return.

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