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Hotel "Hayat" in Primorye will be completed by Asian investors

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Negotiations with potential project participants will be held within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum.

According to Acting Governor Andrei Tarasenko, the treasury has already spent about 18 billion rubles on the complex of two hotels. “I want to return this money,” TASS quotes him as saying. According to Tarasenko, businessmen from China, South Korea and Japan are showing interest in the project.  In March of this year, the Japanese company Hotel Okura, which manages more than 90 hotels in ten countries of the world, presented a plan for the completion of the Hyatt Hotel on Korabelnaya Embankment and the improvement of the adjacent territory. 
Chinese travel agency Ctrip
expands business in Russia

Cape Burny) was planned to be erected for the APEC summit in 2012, but it was not possible to deliver the facilities by the deadline. After that, they tried to complete the construction of the hotels, but due to errors in the projects, the cost of construction increased all the time and the allocated funds were not enough. The hotel on Korabelnaya Embankment was unsuccessfully going to be put into operation by 2016, then by 2017. The government of the region put up for auction several times the second hotel on Cape Burny. But no one was interested in the object. A year ago, the government of Primorsky Krai decided to withdraw the object from the auction and complete the construction of both hotels at the expense of investment funds.

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