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Helicopters from Bashkortostan will be sent to the countries of Southeast Asia

04.02.2018 152 просмотров

In Kumertau, there is an active production of Ka-32A11BC helicopters. The local aviation enterprise will manufacture 7 aircraft, which will be sent to the countries of Southeast Asia.

It is curious that at the end of December 2017, the company already sent Ka-32A11BC helicopters to the People's Republic of China. For several years, machines of this category have been used for fire fighting and combating natural phenomena in other countries of the world.

According to Andrey Boginsky, General Director of the Russian Helicopters holding, today his company has new partners. A potential client is able to appreciate all the positive aspects of the rotorcraft literally from the first day of use, which explains the growing interest in Bashkir products.

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