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Flights of the Kazakh airline Air Astana are becoming more and more popular

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"The Russian market is strategically important for the Kazakh air carrier and is the second largest route network after cabotage flights," said Peter Foster, President and CEO of Air Astana.

Many fans from Europe get to the World Cup through Kazakhstan. The air carriers explain such a detour by the heavy workload of direct flights to the cities where the World Cup matches are held.


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Football fans from other countries also fly to Russia with a transfer in Astana and Alma-Ata. At a press brunch organized by Air Astana, regional general manager in the Russian Federation Dmitry Kaparulin noted: “We see an increase in the load of our flights, but this is not only from Kazakhstan. We are talking about our international flights, because we saw large groups of fans from Iran and Australia. At the same time, flights between Russia and Kazakhstan are becoming more and more popular. The interest of businessmen and tourists especially grew after the Expo-2017 in Astana. Air Astana currently has 67 flights per week between Russia and Kazakhstan. We believe that this is not enough and again increase the frequency this year. In autumn, our air carrier will have 74 flights. However, this is not enough. Next year we are considering new destinations: Sochi, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, as well as other major Russian cities,” said Dmitry Kaparulin.


Dmitry Kaparulin. Photo: Sergey Novikov/Big Asia TV

Air Astana has been carrying passengers from Kazakhstan to Russia and back for 16 years. During this time, the company has become the best in Central Asia and India 6 times according to the Skytrax rating agency. Kazakhstani airlines received awards in Russia as well. For example, Pulkovo Airport twice awarded Air Astana as the most dynamically developing carrier of the CIS countries.

“When looking at partnerships around the world, the relationship between Kazakhstan and Russia is one of the best and most important examples of how strong such ties can be. And this is wonderful for the peoples of both countries. And it is also good for us: business is flourishing both in Russia and in Kazakhstan,” Peter Foster said in an interview with the TV channel “Greater Asia”.


Peter Foster. Photo: Sergey Novikov/Big Asia TV channel


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Stills from Big Asia News

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