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Philippines wants to import fertilizers from Russia

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Philippines expects fertilizers from Russia against the background of deteriorating supplies in the world.

Philippines expects to get fertilizers from Russia against the background of the deterioration of their supplies around the world. This was announced by the Deputy Executive Director of the Office of Fertilizers and Pesticides under the Ministry of Agriculture of the PhilippinesMayer Mula.

"We really don't have enough [fertilizers], but we are considering options for how to solve these problems," the Philippine News Agency quoted him as saying on Wednesday. — We have contacts with Russia, they replied <...> that they are ready to supply us with fertilizers." Mula acknowledged that fertilizer imports to the Philippines are under threat due to the coronavirus pandemic, restrictions on supplies by a number of countries and the ongoing conflict over Ukraine. "We are still 100% dependent on imports," he added.

At the same time, the Assistant Press Secretary of the OfficeNoel Reyes noted that the volume of imports has not yet been determined. "We already have obligations between Russia and the Philippines," he explained. "We will import carbamide from Russia and, perhaps, we will discuss the wholesale price soon."

In addition to Russia, fertilizer supplies are planned from Indonesia, Malaysia and China with a volume of at least 600 thousand metric tons required for the upcoming sowing season.

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