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Enterprises in Hubei Province have resumed work at almost full pre-crisis levels

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The epidemiological situation associated with the spread of coronavirus continues to improve steadily in Hubei province, where a dangerous infection manifested itself for the first time.

So, about 300 workers have already resumed the construction of a bridge across the Yangtze River.

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"We are only allowing workers who have tested negative for the coronavirus into the site," says site foreman Tao Zhil. "Work has now resumed on approximately 70% of our construction sites."< br>
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And in the center of the automotive industry, in the city of Shiyan, located in Hubei, industrialists reported to the government about the resumption of production in more than 90% of the workshops.

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"At the end February, we produced no more than 100 cars, - said the employee & nbsp; Shi Jianke. - But now our capacities have resumed functioning at a level not lower than 97%. This allows us to produce up to 550 machines daily. In April, we are going to bring this figure up to 720 units per day to compensate for the losses in February".

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In total, about seven and a half thousand enterprises in Hubei fully resumed production at the level of December 2019. 

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For effective disinfection and prevention of infection, all workers are required to wear masks.Workshops are regularly treated with disinfectants.

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