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EDB project discussed at the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council of the EAEU

15.10.2020 52 просмотров

At the meeting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council (EIGC) held in Yerevan, a discussion was held on the project “Traveling without Covid-19”, developed and presented by the EDB Digital Initiatives Fund as a mechanism for enhancing economic activity and free movement.

Addressing Armenia's decision to support the project, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated the importance of overcoming the consequences of the pandemic, including through the widespread use of new digital knowledge and technologies.

Following the EMPS meeting, the Prime Ministers of the EAEU countries instructing the authorized bodies of the Member States to consider the initiative “Travel without Covid-19” and submit proposals for its effective use.

The project “Travel without Covid-19” was developed by the Digital Initiatives Fund of the Eurasian Development Bank (FCI EDB). Tigran Sargsyan, Deputy Chairman of the EDB Board, who oversees the work of the FCI EDB, characterizes the project as a tool to restart free movement, first frozen, then limited due to the pandemic: “We offer a unique solution to the problem of restricting the movement of citizens in a pandemic . The application reduces the risk of spreading the infection, creates an additional environment of trust between participating states and reduces paperwork.” Tigran Sargsyan also noted that this is a unique project, foreign analogues of which are still at the stage of conceptual discussion: “We already have not only a concept, but also an architecture with a developed data verification system with full protection and safety at the national level.” 

The project “I travel without Covid-19” involves the creation of a mechanism for confirming the results of the analysis of citizens in order to allow them to enter the territory of another country. The implementation of the project will eliminate the obstacles that have arisen during the pandemic to the movement of uninfected citizens of the countries participating in the project, which will be achieved through the creation of an international application platform that connects national systems. The project architecture is organized in such a way that in the future it may include new important elements, including verified information about the availability of vaccinations, information about medical insurance, etc. At the same time, the platform application can be upgraded and adapted to respond to future challenges similar to the current pandemic, which will allow project participants to avoid the introduction of strict measures and restrictions in the future. Another unique characteristic of the project is the full protection of personal data of citizens during cross-border exchange, which ensures that they are not transferred to a third party at any stage of the application's operation. 

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