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EDB develops railway engineering

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The agreement between the government of the Tula region, Tulazheldormash JSC and the Eurasian Development Bank on cooperation in order to implement investment projects is being successfully implemented.

research and production complex for railway engineering has been created in Tula. An enterprise of the Industrial Engineering Holding Group is developing innovative products of Russian mechanical engineering - a universal track complex for the formation of the upper structure of railway tracks. Such a complex makes it possible to significantly update the repair technology, reduce the cost of its implementation, and improve the efficiency of the railway infrastructure.

The total investment in the project is 1.4 billion rubles. This made it possible to create 60 new highly qualified jobs.
PTK Group is a diversified industrial and engineering holding specializing in the production, repair and operation of railway equipment, as well as performing work at transport infrastructure facilities.

Tulazheldormash - one of the key assets of the PTK Group. The enterprise develops and manufactures various types of track equipment for the needs of the main customer - JSC Russian Railways.

Advanced technologies for the repair of railway infrastructure using high-performance machines developed in Tula have no analogues in the world in terms of their efficiency and have a high export potential and can be replicated on foreign markets.
PTK Group participates in foreign economic activity, exporting the developed equipment and technologies. Thus, an international contract was signed with India for the supply of prototypes of high-performance crushed stone cleaning machines in the amount of $6 million, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed with Russian Railways International.

In general, the potential capacity of the world market is: NPK and machines manufactured by Tulazheldormash JSC - 59,083 million rubles a year, and for the supply of track machines - 144,320 million rubles. until 2030.

Analysis of the external market shows that the demand for track equipment is determined by the state of transportation. Demand for rail technology is growing. Over the past 15 years, the global market has grown 2.5 times to 52.7 billion euros. At the same time, according to experts, in the CIS the potential market demand for the development of railway infrastructure annually is 17.1 billion rubles, in the countries of the Eurasian continent - 42 billion rubles, in Cuba and Egypt - 5.3 billion rubles.

It is planned to increase the export potential in stages.

2020-2022 - export of track machines, creation of a service network, logistics of spare parts. Export revenue in 2022 will amount to $ 6 - 12 million
2023-2024 - expansion of the line of track machines, export of spare parts, development of a service network, using track machines in a row. Export earnings will amount to $10 - 20 million per year.

2025 and beyond - expansion of export geography - development of export of spare parts and services, development of outsourcing, export of construction and installation works, export of consulting. Export earnings will amount to $20-30 million a year.

Integrated technological solutions for the development of infrastructure developed by the Tula NPK based on Russian technologies, tested on Russian railways as part of the implementation of pilot projects jointly with Russian Railways, may be are adapted for any foreign market and are the basis for the export of not just track equipment, but advanced integrated Russian technologies both to the Eurasian space and to other continents.

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