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EDB actively cooperates with international organizations

30.09.2020 181 просмотров

The EDB took part in a series of UNESCAP sessions dedicated to sustainable economic transformation in North and Central Asia.

The Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) took part in a series of UNESCAP sessions on the topic "Sustainable economic transformations to achieve sustainable development goals in North and Central Asia". The Bank was represented in the expert groups, which reviewed and discussed the reports of the Subregional Office, prepared taking into account both long-term development goals and short-term prospects related to the development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In preparation of the report "Implementation Digital Potential in North and Central Asia for Sustainable Economic Transformation” was attended by Anna-Maria Chkonia, Analytical Directorate of the EDB. The report highlights the importance for the region of digital transformation. At the session, the expert group formed a list of proposals for an appropriate cooperation strategy for realizing digital potential.

The results of the session and the report will be used in discussions at the Economic Forum of the United Nations Special Program for the Economies of Central Asia (SPECA) 2020, which will identify issues and topics for further research.

EDB actively cooperates with international organizations and international financial institutions. In particular, the EDB has observer status in the UN General Assembly, develops interaction with regional integration associations such as the EAEU, the CIS, the SCO, and UN agencies such as UNDP, UNIDO, UNECE, UNESCAP, UNEP, FAO.

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