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Demand for electric vehicles on the rise in China

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Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Greater Asia" (Issue 129):

  • Bohai oil and gas field fuels economic growth in coastal communities
  • China's smart farms plan to switch to renewable energy
  • Beijing welcomes the opening of stores of world famous international brands
  • Demand for electric vehicles grows in China
  • 145 million tons of steel produced in China under ultra-low emission standards
  • China lowers export customs duties
  • Chinese research modules will be launched into orbit using Launch Vehicles with New Cryogenic Engine
  • Beijing Subway to Increase Capacity
  • < b> China provided fast delivery of fresh fruit to all regions of the country
  • Maritime Administration  Security  PRC Increases Monitoring and Patrols Near Weizhou Island Due to Rare Animals
  • Fish-rich Thousand Island Lake attracts many tourists from all over the country
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Only on our TV channel - the most important, interesting, exciting news about the life of China! Political statements and high-level dialogues, new stages of economic development and technological progress, social trends and fashion novelties and, of course, everything about the public's favorites and symbols of China - giant pandas. "Chinese panorama" will tell you about the main things and show the world of China as it is.

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