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China switches to artificial meat and milk

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In Hong Kong, there is an increased consumer demand for protein products designed to replace natural meat and dairy products.

The global coronavirus pandemic has led to seemingly unexpected consequences in the field of structural demand for food. The Asian mass consumer has already linked the emergence of COVID-19 to the use of animal meat in cooking. 

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In this regard, in China and other countries of the region, the trade in protein products, which, according to the original plan, is intended not to not only help vegans diet, but also replace their natural protein intake in the future. 

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"In fact, our sales through the grocery chain increased by 77%," explains David Yong, founder of the chain for vegans GREEN MONDAY GROUP - Thanks to the diversification of the model, we are now able to partially recover losses due to related to falling demand for conventional beverages and food. Although, ultimately, times are very challenging, not only locally, but globally."

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It is curious that even before the start of the coronavirus epidemic, analysts had already predicted a rapid growth in the market for protein meat substitute and soy quasi-dairy According to last year's base model, the total trade volume of this food industry should be about $23 billion by 2023.

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Economy and business

Economy and business

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Economy and business

Economy and business

Economy and business

Economy and business

Economy and business

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