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China's Hebei province resurrects after lockdown is lifted

29.03.2020 124 просмотров

Beijing lifted the quarantine on Hebei province.

The population of the Chinese province of Hebei, which became the first victim of the planetary epidemic of the coronavirus, finally received permission from the authorities to leave their homes and resume their usual activities. Compulsory quarantine was introduced here in the second half of January this year. 

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So the inhabitants spent about two months in captivity. In China, violation of the regime of self-isolation is punishable by the highest measure of martial law. And while big businesses pick up pace easily enough, small businesses dependent on visitors are still struggling to recover from the effects of the pandemic. 

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"It's been a very difficult time for my business: there are few clients," Tang Jibin complains , the owner of the restaurant "Students are not coming, there are no people yet. If guests come, then I will reopen the restaurant. But it only makes sense to do this if there are enough people to fill most of the tables. However, business is not easy right now all over the country. So if the customers don't come back, I'll have to close the place."

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"We now spend most of our time on the streets. Sitting at home…" says Li Jin Yun, a resident of Jingzhou City. - All residents, even in nearby villages, constantly find a reason to go somewhere: some go to the market for vegetables, but some go about their business."

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Experts believe Beijing will help entrepreneurs by sponsoring cheap discount travel packages for foreign and domestic tourists.In any case, Chinese citizens understand the need for strict access control and self-isolation at home, which allowed China to cope with the epidemic in record time.

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