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Business tourism in the Far East was discussed at the forum in Kamchatka

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MICE tourism (business tourism) became one of the main topics of the second day of the Far East - Winter of Discovery Forum, which was held in Kamchatka on February 24-25. 

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The discussions were attended by experts from different regions of Russia, representatives of airlines and specialists in the development of business and business tourism. They discussed the availability of MICE tourism and the prospects for its development in the Far East.

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Also on this day, experts presented their vision of the tourism of the future. What decisions can be made to create new approaches to attract tourists to the regions, what trends await the tourism market in the near future - this will be discussed at the "Tourism of the Future" session with the participation of the Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Solodovand the Minister Tourism of the Kamchatka Territory Natalia Maksimenko. A separate session was devoted to the development of gastronomic tourism as a driver for the development of the regions of the Far Eastern District, which have a unique cuisine, including national cuisine.

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The second day of the forum ended with a session dedicated to sports and extreme tourism. To discuss the prospects, tour operators were invited to carry out winter extreme tours, including snowmobile and freeride trips. The discussion participants talked about why the winter season is gaining popularity among travelers, although the summer season is traditionally considered a tourist season in Kamchatka.

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The forum "Far East - Winter of Discovery" was held in Kamchatka from February 24 to 25 as part of the winter festival "Beringia - 2021". It was attended by representatives of federal and regional authorities, experts from Rostourism, representatives of travel companies, and investors. More than 50 speakers will speak at face-to-face and online platforms. More than 300 people have registered to participate in the forum.

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The forum was held in a hybrid format - at the site of the Kamchatka Exhibition and Investment Center and on the Youtube channel.

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The organizers were: the Ministry of Tourism of the Kamchatka Territory, the Ministry of Investments, Industry and Entrepreneurship of the Kamchatka Territory, the Kamchatka Tourist Information Center, the My Business Center, the Kamchatka Exhibition and Investment Center.

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