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More than 43 thousand people visited the Innoprom exhibition in Yekaterinburg

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Representatives of dozens of countries and 60 regions of Russia took part in the events.

The site of the Innoprom International Industrial Exhibition in Yekaterinburg, which closes on Thursday, was visited by more than 43 thousand people. Representatives of dozens of countries and 60 regions of the Russian Federation took part in the events of the forum, the Department of Information Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region reported.

"Innoprom has been popular for the twelfth year in a row. The exhibition was visited by more than 43 thousand people, delegations arrived from Kazakhstan, which was a partner of the exhibition, Armenia, Iran, Mongolia, Turkey, South Ossetia, African countries, <...> representatives of more than 60 regions came," the department said. The Sverdlovsk Region has received partners from dozens of countries around the world, the region is considering the possibility of implementing new contracts and projects with them.

It was discussed at the forum that under the conditions of sanctions, the flow of goods to Russia will not come from the west, but from the east. "Thanks to Innoprom, the Sverdlovsk Region is becoming a new window to the East. The region is realizing its strategic advantage of geographical location - now on a national scale," the department said.

Negotiations have been held with the industrial circles of Kazakhstan, a working group will be created to monitor and control the implementation of the planned action plan.

Main results for the region

Prime MinisterMikhail Mishustin, who took part in the work of the site, supported a number of promising projects of the Sverdlovsk region. Thus, the production of Ladoga and Baikal small aircraft will begin in the Urals, an additional 28 billion rubles are guaranteed to accelerate the construction of the Yekaterinburg -Moscow autobahn. The Campus student support project has been approved, which provides preferential loans for education for residents of the region and various discounts for students.

On the sidelines of Innoprom, the Sverdlovsk Region, according to preliminary estimates, signed agreements worth more than 500 million rubles, among them an agreement on the creation of direct transport links with Koltsovo, an agreement with Evraz, which will help attract additional funds for the development of Nizhny Tagil. At Innoprom, the Sverdlovsk governorEvgeny Kuyvashev signed an agreement with SKB Kontur: the regional government and the IT company will jointly search for talented schoolchildren throughout the region, including in remote municipalities, the project will allow children to get a chance at a high-paying job in the IT field.

About the exhibition

The main theme of the Innoprom exhibition in 2022 is "Industrial Transition: from challenges to new opportunities", Kazakhstan has become a partner country. The event presents current domestic and joint developments in the field of production automation, new mobility, modern materials and other promising areas. The exhibition, which has been held since July 4 in Yekaterinburg, ends its work on Thursday, July 7.

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