Opening Asia for Russia


13.08.2022 ТАСС 80 просмотров

Russia is the main supplier of gasoline to Uzbekistan.

The Russian Federation is currently the main supplier of automobile fuel to Uzbekistan, only by the end of six months in 2022, it accounts for 80.5% of gasoline supplies from abroad. This was announced on Friday by the State Statistics Committee of the Republic.

"In January — June 2022, 60.6 million liters of gasoline were imported in the equivalent of 35.9 million dollars. For six months, most gasoline was imported from Russia — 48.8 million liters," the ministry said in a statement.

Earlier it was reported that since July 15, the government of the republic, due to rising prices for gasoline and diesel fuel, has imposed a temporary ban on the export of automobile and diesel fuel. The Uzbekneftegaz company explained this with high quotations for Brent crude oil and difficulties with the import of petroleum products into the country.

The main supplies of petroleum products from Uzbekistan fall on Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

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