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Ashraf Ghani opens air corridor linking Afghanistan with India

22.06.2017 112 просмотров

The agreement on the start of direct air communication within the framework of the exchange of goods was concluded in September last year, within the framework of the regional conference "Heart of Asia" held in India.

It is worth noting that Pakistan, which periodically blocks the border between the two countries, has stood in the way of developing trade and economic cooperation between Afghanistan and its neighbors in the region.

In his speech, the head of state made it clear that the country is able to find a solution for such problems. "Those who create challenges for us should know that we turn challenges into opportunities", — Ghani emphasized.

The first cargo plane that took off from Kabul brought 60 tons of agricultural products from the country with a total value of 5 million dollars. By now, the next flight has already been planned, which will deliver 40 tons of products from Kandahar to India. entrepreneurs amounted to 70 cents for every kilogram of goods, but thanks to the creation of an air corridor, the costs will decrease several times — up to 20 cents, which will contribute to the Afghan agriculture and development of trade relations between the countries.

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