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An international textile exhibition was held in Turkmenbashi

08.08.2021 138 просмотров

Enterprises of the Ministry of Textile Industry of the country took part in the international exhibition in Turkmenbashi.

The enterprises of the textile industry of Turkmenistan regularly demonstrate their products at international industrial exhibitions.

More than 70 textile enterprises operate in Turkmenistan, producing a wide variety of cotton products, ranging from cotton yarn and linen to finished products from knitwear, terry, jeans and blended fabric. Due to the variety of assortment and quality, products of Turkmen textile enterprises are in demand not only within the country, but also abroad. More than 70 percent of manufactured products are exported to Russia, the USA, Turkey, China, Ukraine, European and Baltic countries.

Stands with textile products made in Turkmenistan at each exhibition attract the attention of guests from abroad and beyond. At this exhibition, domestic textile enterprises demonstrated a wide range of products in both modern and national style: men's and women's jeans and T-shirts, women's clothing, dresses and dons with embroidery, as well as samples of cotton yarn.

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