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13.08.2022 ТАСС 86 просмотров

Mikhail Mishustin discussed economic development issues with the head of the Altai Republic.

Prime Minister of the Russian FederationMikhail Mishustin held a meeting with the head of the Altai Republic in Gorno-Altaysk on FridayOleg Khorokhordin, the Prime Minister discussed with him economic issues, the construction of the Republican Classical Lyceum, the agro-industrial park "Amza" and water treatment facilities on Lake Teletskoye.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Prime Minister asked the head of the republic to tell about how one billion rubles is spent in the region, which was allocated from the federal budget as part of an individual program of socio-economic development of the republic. "The billion rubles allocated for the development of the region can seriously help in the development of infrastructure, in the development of social projects," he saidMikhail Mishustin.

According toOleg Khorokhordin, from the beginning of the program to June 2022, 611 jobs were created in the republic, 341 million rubles of extra-budgetary investments were attracted, 21 investment projects were supported. It is expected that 365 more places will be created this year, 382 million rubles of investments will be attracted.

"The cash execution for the first seven months is 312.7 million rubles, which is 29.3%. This does not bother us, we are on our schedule, because we have the main part of cash expenses planned for September–November. By the end of the year, the federal budget funds will be fully utilized," the head of the republic said.

Besides,Mikhail Mishustin askedOleg Khorokhordin has a question about how the construction project of the Republican Classical Lyceum is being implemented. The Head of the republic said that several options for financing the project are being considered, including at the expense of the concessionaire or with the help of DOM.The Russian Federation on the basis of a state contract involving an infrastructure loan. After making the calculations, Khorokhordin promised to contact the government to recalculate the volume of the capital grant and reduce the annual payment as much as possible.

During the conversationOleg Khorokhordin reported to the Prime Minister that the construction of the agro—industrial park "Amza" is being completed in the republic - the fourth facility, 85% ready, is scheduled to be commissioned on September 10. Also in September, the authorities of the republic plan to introduce a fourth water treatment plant on Lake Teletskoye (three were introduced last year). "The lake is unique, the reservoir is unique, of course, I really want everything to be good there from the point of view of ecology," he saidMikhail Mishustin.

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