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Afghanistan resumes international commercial flights

14.09.2021 132 просмотров

Afghanistan has resumed international commercial flights. More than a hundred foreigners left on the first flight from Kabul to Doha. 

Citizens of Afghanistan are still prohibited from leaving the country - such a rule has been established by the new authorities. However, some Afghans have foreign passports and hope to be able to fly there soon.

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“My daughter and granddaughters want to go to London,” said the father of an international passenger. - They have British passports. It's hard for them to live here. We want them to go to London so they don't miss school."

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The first passenger plane to arrive in Afghanistan brought only 10 people, including crew members, from the capital of Pakistan.
The international community reacted positively to the resumption of commercial flights from Kabul: experts believe this is an important step for the country's new leadership to create a functioning state.

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