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A number of railway lines have been restored in Syria after an almost five-year break

13.07.2017 175 просмотров

Railway Department Director Najib Fares reported on the restoration of a number of railway lines after a nearly five-year hiatus due to the terrorist war, stressing that this has facilitated rail freight transport to Latakia, Tartous and Homs.

Fares, in an interview with a SANA correspondent, emphasized that the "Victory Train" opened the direction of Al-Ansaoi — Jibrin in Aleppo and the line leading to the reservoir in the Shinshar district of Homs province. He noted that the first freight train transported 1,500 tons of grain from the port of Tartus to Shinshar, in addition, the refinery in Homs delivers fuel to the cement plant in Tartus by rail.

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