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250 businessmen a day - this rate can be introduced by the Japanese authorities

12.06.2020 109 просмотров

It is quite possible that the Government of the Land of the Rising Sun will limit the number of entrepreneurs entering the territory of the state per day to this number.

At the same time, they will have to indicate which route they are going to move within the country, according to the publication Yomiuri. Business travelers will be required to take a coronavirus test upon arrival. In the case of a negative indicator, they will not need a two-week quarantine.

It is noted that entrepreneurs will have to provide a full plan for the proposed movements around the country. In addition, upon arrival, they will need to undergo PCR testing for coronavirus. If the submitted documentation is approved by the Japanese side and the test results are negative, businessmen will be able to avoid a two-week quarantine in Japan. 

Affairs of Japan Toshimitsu Motegi, speaking in Parliament. He clarified that entrepreneurs and specialists will be the first to receive the right to enter. Foreign students will follow, and at the last stage, everyone else, including tourists, will be able to visit Japan again.

The epidemiological situation in the state where the visitors come from will play a decisive role. The countries in which, according to the Japanese authorities, the situation has completely stabilized and there are no new cases of infection, are Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.

To date, by order of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, entry into Japan is completely prohibited citizens of more than a hundred countries, including the United States, Russia, EU countries, Southeast Asia, China, South Korea, Belarus, Ukraine.

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