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X international festival "We are together!" held online for the first time

30.12.2020 106 просмотров

X international family festival "We are together!" (“Wir gemeinsam!”) is being held online for the first time. Video submissions until January 3rd. Hurry up to share your creativity with the whole world!

The main component of the festivals "We are together!" - showing a wide audience of talents in the field of musical and song art, dance and original genres, artistic reading in the format of an open competition for all age categories.

This year the festival is held with the information support of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly.
< br> The initiators and permanent organizers of the international family festival are the youth organization of the Association of Russian Germans in Germany (Jugendorganisation des Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland eV, Jugend-LmDR) and the society of Russian Germans Lyra Marzahn e. V. (Berlin).

The Organizer of the Festival is a member of its Organizing Committee, Chairman of the Board of the Youth Organization of the Association of Russian Germans in Germany, Chairman of the Board of the Society of Russian Germans Lyra Marzahn e. V. (Berlin) Walter Gauks:

- We, as organizers, are very pleased that the tenth anniversary festival has reached the international level. Previously, we always held it in Berlin, guests from different countries came to us. During the pandemic, this format became impossible; since December 6, we have been holding the festival in an online format. This made a certain sensation, visits to our site began to number in the hundreds of thousands. We, German migrants from the Soviet republics, are happy that in this way we can strengthen the friendship of peoples, cooperate, build bridges no matter what - neither a pandemic nor political problems. Freedom of movement, freedom of thought and creative imagination - based on these considerations, we created our festival. We are very grateful to the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly for informational support. Strengthening human ties, friendship, contacts are our common goals with the Assembly.

About the Festival "We are together!"

The goal of the festival is to create a reliable international platform for communication between creative collectives, individual performers, the establishment of cultural exchange between them, as well as the popularization of their talents at all levels.

The leitmotif of the festival is "We are together!". This short phrase lays the core of all the work of its organizers and participants, aimed at achieving mutual understanding and mutual respect.

The festival is held for everyone, regardless of the country of residence, age categories, religious preferences, political and social views.

All participants' performances are evaluated by members of an international jury consisting of competent professionals in genres.

The main idea of the festival competition is to popularize and distribute pre-recorded video materials with performances/numbers of its participants on the Web. 

To participate in the competition, prior registration is required on the website: https://festival.

Apply now!

Before On January 3 you can send the following link to the organizing committee of the show jumping sa video recording of your performances lasting from 4 to 6 minutes (depending on the nomination).

Nominations of the festival competition (by genre):

  • Song performance (vocal, choir)
  • Musical and instrumental composition
  • Dance story
  • Circus number (original genre)
  • Artistic reading< /li>
  • Group show

Nominations may change depending on the number of participants in each of them.

The results of the festival competition will be announced by the international jury on January 15.

Additional information on the website:

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