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Women Entrepreneurs of Eurasia decided to unite

17.04.2020 127 просмотров

On April 16, the first online meeting was held with representatives of the business community from Russia, Uzbekistan, the Czech Republic and Austria.

It was held thanks to the Committee for the Support of Women's Entrepreneurship of the Council for International Economic Activities of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, the Association for Language Education and International Cooperation and the Foundation for the Socio-Economic Development of Regions FORAR.

The following speakers took part in the meeting:

  • Smirnova Svetlana (Russia) - First Deputy Secretary General - Head of the General Secretariat of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly;
  • Anna Abramashvili (Uzbekistan) - Chairman of the International Innovative Public Association "Gifted Children" , member of the advisory council for the study of civil society under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, head of the branch of the international academy "Leader";
  • Lena Gronkova (Czech Republic) - owner of a company selling luxury real estate, member of the Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce;< /li>
  • Pikhnovskaya Inga (Czech Republic) - Deputy Chairman of the Russian-Czech Chamber of Commerce;
  • Natalia Belenko (Russia) - Head of the Department of International Economic Activities of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly;
  • Tatyana Feichter-Moskalenko (Russia - Czech Republic - Austria) - founder and owner of the international group companies in the field of additional education (teaching foreign languages, education abroad, business development at the international level).

The meeting was moderated by Elena Drobakh, Co-Chair of the Council for International Economic Activities, Head of the Women's Entrepreneurship Support Committee Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, President of the FORAR Foundation for Socio-Economic Development, economic observer for RIA "Banks and Finance".

Svetlana Smirnova joined the meeting from the car and gave a short video tour of Izhevsk. As a result, it was proposed to make a video about your city for video tours for those who #stayathome. During the meeting, participants from the Czech Republic Lena Gronkova and Inga Pikhnovskaya proposed to continue further communication in the format of industry expertise. Tatyana Feikhter-Moskalenko and Anna Abramashvili found an opportunity for international partnership. Natalia Belenko invited the speakers to take part in shaping the business agenda of the Summit -2021 of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly.

“Thank you very much for the invitation to the online meeting. I want to unite,” commented Larisa Kamenskaya, designer, participant of the meeting.

“It was interesting for me to moderate this meeting. We have started an important project, we plan to continue it. There are already topics for new meetings and projects for international cooperation. Our experts once again confirmed that now is the time to unite,” said Elena Drobakh.

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