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We invite you to the presentation of a unique audio guide

23.04.2021 42 просмотров

The Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly invites from April 26 to April 30, 2021 at 15:00 (Moscow time) for the online presentation of the audio guide “Journalism Lessons for the Blind”, as well as for online training seminars on its use.

Humanitarian project of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly "Journalism Lessons for the Blind"   received support from the Presidential Grants Fund as part of an announced special competition. Through this, more than 1,000 "special" children will have access to a unique digital guide to gain professional journalism skills that will help determine their career interests in the future.

The audio guide will contribute to the creative and intellectual self-expression of children, the development of productive journalistic skills and the promotion of their social adaptation through indirect knowledge of various spheres of human life when performing journalistic tasks.

The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations invites all interested parties to participate daily from April 26 to April 30, 2021 at 15:00 (Moscow time) ) for an online presentation of the manual with the participation of well-known Russian journalists, as well as for online training seminars for teachers, social workers and parents in order to use it in the work of general education schools that develop inclusive education, in the work of centers for the rehabilitation and social adaptation of children with visual impairments, as well as to support their creative development.

We will be glad to see you as guests of honor at the presentation of the humanitarian project "Journalism Lessons for the Blind", as well as at our training seminars. All registered participants of the events will receive a digital manual free of charge, as well as a certificate from the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly on the completion of training seminars.

Registration via the link: https://forms. gle/QQLnKbVJ3T3encns9

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