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The shift of the "Eurasian School of Friendship" has opened in Serbia

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The new race, which began on July 24 with the support of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, covered 170 children from 9 to 11 years old from five countries. 

Recall, Eurasian Friendship School project based on the traditional children's camp, which has been organized since 2000 by the Serbian non-profit organization "Our Serbia" to help orphans who were left without parents during the wars in the Balkans. The camp is attended by children from Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia, Russia, Transnistria, DPR, Bulgaria.

In addition to Serbian children, children from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina came to Mount Tara, Serbia Republic of Serbia), Russia and Transnistria (Moldova).

The aims of the project "Eurasian School of Friendship" - education in children of love for their family, homeland; development of interest in Eurasian cultures, in the traditions of other peoples; strengthening the spiritual, psychological and physical health of children.

In addition to getting to know the cultures, traditions and customs of the peoples of Eurasia, an important task of the camp is to overcome various stereotypical opinions about the peoples living on its territory, to cultivate respect for all peoples. Children will learn how important it is to preserve the differences between the Eurasian peoples, as well as how this richness of the diversity of traditions and cultures can improve the lives of all.

A feature of the "School of Friendship" is also the concept of development through communication, play, creativity revealing their interests and hobbies. Within the framework of the "School" numerous events are held aimed at revealing talents and developing the intellectual, creative and sports potential of children participating in the project. To achieve this goal, specialized circles (master classes) are organized, within which children can develop their skills and gain new knowledge in various fields.

So that children can make friends and spend time in the camp in communication, based on many years experience of the Our Serbia organization, its specialists have developed a special program "Eurasian Code", which is based on such values as solidarity, respect for cultural diversity, non-violent communication and peaceful coexistence.

To teach children these basics every day for all camp participants are held a special circle "Eurasian code", where experienced teachers, educators and psychologists work with children through play and communication. Since the camp is international, with three working languages (Serbian, Russian and English), there are translators in each of the circles, which facilitate communication between participants and teachers. of all participants, the children are given the opportunity to choose one creative and one sports circle, depending on their talents and interests.

Creative circles of the Eurasian School of Friendship include ecology, ethnology, scouts. From sports clubs, children are given the opportunity to participate in basketball, football, wrestling, tennis and rhythmic gymnastics clubs.

Traditionally, during this shift, which will last from July 24 to August 5, each delegation has a day children, with the help of educators, organizers and embassies of each country, will present their national culture: dances, language, dishes, costumes, etc.

Every evening, a cultural and entertainment program is organized in the camp for children includes evening discos with animators, participation in competitions in mixed teams that contribute to the development of communication skills, children's creativity, self-expression and teach teamwork. Also, the guys get acquainted with famous Serbian artists, learn national songs and dances thanks to Serbian cultural groups that annually take part in the camp.

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