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The Secretary General welcomed the organizers of the WCSF Championship in Combat SAMBO

28.11.2020 116 просмотров

Today, November 28, the World Combat Sambo Federation (WCSF) Combat SAMBO Championship among juniors, juniors and men is being held in Moscow.

The Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Andrey Belyaninov welcomed the member of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, the President of the WCSF Alexei Maly and the participants of the events with these sports holidays.

In particular, the greeting says:

- Combat SAMBO today is an international sport that was created in Russia and embodies the best achievements of world culture in the field of martial arts, an example of how a truly international art, an international sport was created from the national types of wrestling of different peoples.

Russian national sport, the Russian national tradition has become an international sport and today it is confidently moving around the world, gaining more and more fans. It is thanks to you, dear Aleksey Alekseevich and your team, to numerous devotees around the world that combat sambo is becoming a mass sport.

The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly in its activities is guided by universal norms of humanity and non-violence, as well as a moral duty to our ancestors and future generations - a culture of world values, keeping in itself the common, basic foundations for all peoples.

Sambo is self-defense without weapons. "Without weapons" - these words should become key for all countries of the world. Let all our international meetings, both at the top and at the level of public organizations, individuals, be held precisely using the tools of various types of diplomacy, including sports.

National sports symbolize the strength and strength of people's roots, loyalty to the origins. The championship confirms the unity of age-old traditions and the power of folk culture. In the era of digital technologies and artificial intelligence, it contributes to the preservation of the connection between generations, collective creativity and lively human communication. It is important that the leadership of the World Combat Sambo Federation pays great attention to the preservation and development of national sports as the basis of the unique historical and cultural heritage and ethno-cultural diversity of the peoples of Eurasia. which confirms the adherence of the peoples to the traditions of peace, harmony and good neighborliness. Let the word “wrestling” be associated with us first of all with such events.

I am sure that the World Combat Sambo Federation (WCSF) Combat Sambo Championship and Championship among juniors, juniors and men will be productive, spectacular and will contribute to strengthening friendship, intellectual and creative interaction between peoples, creating conditions for their further cultural progress. It will be an excellent prerequisite for the successful holding of the First Eurasian Games in national sports "EURASIADA" in Bashkortostan.

I sincerely wish all the participants successful performances, new sports achievements, bright and unforgettable impressions, as well as good health!

Let the creative potential of sports and the age-old folk experience serve the prosperity of the peoples not only of Greater Eurasia, but of the whole world.

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