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The results of the festival "We are together!" 2020

18.01.2021 80 просмотров

On Sunday, January 17, the results of the X International Family Festival "We are together - Wir gemeinsam!" 2020.

This year, the festival was held with the information support of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly and was held online for the first time. This was due to objective reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the current strict restrictive measures to counter the coronavirus.

The main component of the festivals "We are together!" - showing a wide audience of talents in the field of music and song art, dance and original genres, artistic reading in the format of an open competition.

The initiators and constant organizers of the X International Family Festival  "We are together - Wir gemeinsam!" are the youth organization of the Association of Russian Germans in Germany (Jugendorganisation des Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland eV, Jugend-LmDR) and the society of Russian Germans Lyra Marzahn e. V. (Berlin).

International family festivals  "We are together - Wir gemeinsam!" long ago turned into a unique action of Russian Germans in Germany. At the same time, it became a highly impressive event in the palette of the cultural life of the country and Berlin in particular.

According to an ingrained tradition, the past festival was held for everyone, regardless of their country of residence, age categories, religious preferences, political and social views.

The leitmotif of all festivals is "We are together - Wir gemeinsam!". This is the semantic core of all the activities of its organizers and participants, aimed at better mutual understanding of ordinary citizens through direct communication, at creating a reliable platform for cooperation between representatives of civil society and public organizations from various countries. In particular, children's, youth and youth.

The goals of the festivals are extremely accessible to everyone: the creation of a reliable international platform for joint communication between creative teams, individual performers, the establishment of a cultural  exchange. As well as popularizing the creativity of young gifted talents at all levels.

It is gratifying that despite the disappointing development of the situation with the pandemic, interest in the festival has not disappeared. On the contrary, it was genuinely elevated, the number of participants in the creative competition increased continuously, every day. Here are just some statistics on the festival competition:

  • number of participants 193 (soloists and creative teams, videos received) from five countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Germany) - list of participants link;
  • number of views festival website has exceeded half a million. This previously told the organizer of the Festival - a member of its organizing committee, Chairman of the Board of the youth organization of the Association of Russian Germans in Germany, Chairman of the Board of the Society of Russian Germans Lyra Marzahn e. V. (Berlin) Walter Gauks.

List of winners of the 10th Anniversary International Family Festival  "We are together - Wir gemeinsam!" 2020 posted on the festival website.

We sincerely congratulate everyone participants of the creative competition  X Anniversary International Family Festival "We are together - Wir gemeinsam!", its winners and members of the international jury!

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